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Strategic Product

SOFINET CLOUD is the system which performs the intensive monitoring and data management of the alarm in water treatment plants. Its functions are monitoring the measured values, the facilities in the pumping stations, the operational status of the whole processing plant, indicating abnormalities and e-mailing to the person in charge.

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top-realism-logoSOFIT Super REALISM (“SSR”) is an In-Memory Map-Shuffle-Reduce/NoSQL data processing system that not only functions at super high-speed but also very easy to use. It utilized unique and proprietary algorithms for data processing. There are two types of computing environment for SSR. The first one is on premise type (appliance model), the other one is cloud type.

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Introducing an IoT Agriculture Solution for a New Era

developed by integrating sigfox data transmission systems, soil microbe assessment technology, and a machine learning algorithm

(System is currently in active development)

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Our Office

Head Quater Office

Company name : Nippon Software Knowledge Corp.

Location :
23 Maibaranishi, Maibara City,Shiga,5210015, Japan

e-mail: glocal-ict@nihonsoft.co.jp