SOFINET CLOUD is the system which performs the intensive monitoring and data management of the alarm in water treatment plants. Its functions are monitoring the measured values, the facilities in the pumping stations, the operational status of the whole processing plant, indicating abnormalities and e-mailing to the person in charge.

The system which performs the intensive monitoring and data management of the alarm in water processing facilities. It is comprised of an exclusive terminal to place in the facilities and PC to place in the central monitoring room. Its functions are monitoring the measured values, the current values, the facilities in the pumping stations, the operational status of the whole processing plant, indicating abnormalities and reporting to the person in charge.
The operation is possible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. By introduction of the system, the efficiency of maintenance can be improved and the extension of the lifetime can be made in water processing facilities. The data display is provided in the most appropriate ways for the each user’s needs. It is based on the own know-how in the expression of the data.
Since its launching in 1992, cultivated technique and know-how have received high evaluations, it is used in both of private and public facilities. The public infrastructure facilities are including water supply facilities, sewerage treatment facilities and distributing pumps, and the private facilities are including Tokyo SORA Machi and the second Haneda terminal.

Development/Corporate efforts

Development started when the monitoring system of the sewer came from the local government.
Control systems of various environmental solution are developed by utilize the accumulation of knowledge, the experience.

  • The research and development on the remote management system of water processing facilities started when a development request of the monitoring system of the sewer came from the local government who had received a request of other public system.
    Without sufficient experience and network about water, know-how regarding water processing, including pH measurement and flow measurement, and how to show the data were instructed by the officials in charge. After the proving test the system as the product completed. “A remote management system and the monitoring method” was patented in 1998.
  • The challenge for the computer network solution to realize rich environment and life by developing the control systems for various environmental solution including water processing and electricity has been carried out. It is made by utilizing the knowledge and experience gained of more than 20 years as well as the advantage of the software company.
Business Development in Future

The expansion of general versatility by new cloud systems construction.

  • The cloud computing type of control systems started the services in 2012. Changing the administration systems from setting type to cloud computing type reduces the introduction cost. Monitoring with smartphone or tablet terminal improves the userfriendliness. The expansion of general versatility of the system for small-scale waterworks and water purification plant is aimed.
  • The construction of “The standard model” for water management systems by collaborations with domestic water-related companies and with research institutes including universities, and then the development of the overseas market in future are aimed.

System Features

  • Map Display

    The managede facilities are displayed in the map.Users can select the facilities from the map screen.

  • Current Status & Current Alarm

    Users can monitor current operation status of each facilities.

    In the screen all the alarms are displayed in the list so that users can judge urgency from this screen.

  • Management reports

    SofinetCloud can produce daily, monthly, yearly reports. All the report data can be exported to csv file.

  • Alarm history

    This screen can display alarm histry and recover history by each equipment.
    It will be beneficial for equipmant renewal planning.

  • Operation history

    Users can check the operation history of each equipment.
    It will be beneficial for determine the cause of the error.

  • Alarm history

    This function is for register, edit of email address report to. Optional settings for each alarm on/off is also available. Report to email address will be edited by batch process.

  • Remote control

    ON/OFF operation by remote control ( using cloud & 3G communication ) function is featured.

  • Realtime trend(continuous)

    Mesured value of selected items are displayed in realtime trend graph.
    It will be beneficial for determine the cause of the error.

  • Change setting value(for KV5000)

    Users can change the setting value.

  • Facility ledger

    Faciliy ledger is also available.

  • Alarm by telephone voice

    This feature is optional.


SOFIT Super REALISM (“SSR”) is an In-Memory Map-Shuffle-Reduce/NoSQL data processing tool that not only functions at super high-speed but also very easy to use. SSR utilized unique and proprietary algorithms for data processing and outperforming competitors using normal In-Memory database architecture etc. Users only need to prepare their raw CSV or TEXT data. With SSR strength in processing speed, big data analytics using SSR functions (data integration, matching, aggregation, calculation, etc.) can be generated instantly. SSR could handle up to 2billions of records and 1024 columns of dataset in a few second. With this capability, end user department can directly handle BIG DATA and IT department does not required to develop DataMart for each department. This could reduce huge amount of costs and extends data analysis capability for decision making.


  • Cost x 0.1

    • Quick launch with the lowest cost
    • Operationally Independent from the main system
    • Non-Programming
    • Web browser operation
  • Speed x 100

    • Amazingly fast processing speed
    • Can charge or create a data structure for hypothesis and test
    • Easily create a batch sequence with the process recorder
  • Usability for Any Changes

    • Easy to use with an interactive operation
    • Visually grasp the data process
    • The navigation wizard
    • “Excel” like spread sheet style data processing

There are two types of computing environment for SSR. The first one is on premise type (appliance model), the other one is cloud type. In our booth we will demonstrate both types. Visitors can experience both types of processing speed and usability.

SSR has installed many customer sites, like Credit Card Company, Airline Company, Mobile Phone Company and local government. They have been improved not only daily data processing work efficiency, but also their corporate management itself with SSR’s super high speed capability. Data analytics results can immediately be applied to business decisions & strategies.

AI+IoT Agriculture System

Monitoring System for Active Soil Microorganisms

System for calculating the microbial activity indicators of soil based on soil sensor measurement values and weather data.

sigfox system

With its global LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network, Sigfox has reinvented connec tivity for the IoT. It drastically brings down cost and energy consumption requi red for securely connecting physical devices to the Cloud.

Related Projects
Integration of the SOFIX soil assessment for active microbes

Real-time quantification of “active microorganisms score” with integrated processes of active soil microbe DNA assessment technology and our machine learning algorithm

SOFIX stands for “Soil Fertility Index” which indicates soil component amounts and their balance in quantified data, which are important factors for successful recycled material agriculture such as organic farming.

SOFIX measures DNA components related to 1) plant growth, and 2) material recycling capability. This quantitative measuring method was developed by Prof.

Motoki Kubo at Ritsumeikan University College of Life Sciences in order to conduct land assessment for successful organic agriculture.

The conversion process from food factory sludge into organic material paved the way for development of new organic material evaluation methods

Sludge cake that is dewatered only by natural coagulant is both rich in nutrition and highly preservable, and therefore works well as organic fertilizer. We successfully conduct dewatering and sterilizing of such sludge material with a superheated steam drying technique, before preparing it for fertilizer production.

In addition, with the support of Nagahama Institute of Bio-Science and Technology, we have been researching organic material analysis methods for rhizosphere microbial flora to develop a new evaluation index of organic material, which will be a step forward from the conventional method of analyzing chemical components.

※This document was created in October, 2017. Please note the information is subject to change without notice.